Pakej A

Asas Autocad, Lukisan Pelan Lantai & 3D

Tentatif Program

2d Autocad

Sesi Perkenalan
– Berkenalan Dengan Tenaga Pengajar Sambil Install Software
(Kepada Yang Belum Install)

Getting Started
• Setting Drawing Units
• Exploring Autocad User Interface

Basic Drawing Skills
• Navigating 2d Drawings
• Drawing Lines And Polyline
• Drawing Circle & Arc
• Rectangle & Polygon
• Eclipse

Hatching And Gradients
• Specifying Hatch Areas
• Hatching With Patterns
• Hatching With Gradients

Using Drawing Aids
• Grid And Snap
• Ortho And Polar Tracking
• Running Object Snaps
• Object Snap Tracking

01.00-02.00: Rehat

Editing Entities
• Creating Selection Sets
• Move And Copy
• Lengthen And Stretch
• Rotate, Mirror And Scale
• Trim & Extend
• Fillet & Chamfer
• Arrays
• Erase
• Explode
• Offset

2d Autocad

Creating And Editing Text
• Creating Text Styles
• Writing Lines Of Text
• Writing And Formatting Paragraphs Of Text Using Mtext
• Editing Text

• Styling Dimensions
• Adding Dimensions
• Editing Dimension

Controlling Object Visibility And Appearance
• Changing Object Properties
• Setting The Current Layer
• Altering Objects’ Layer Assignments
• Controlling Layer Visibility
• Applying Line Type
• Assigning Properties By Object Or By Layer
• Managing Layer Properties

Organizing Objects
• Defining Blocks
• Inserting Blocks
• Editing Blocks

01.00-02.00: Rehat

Printing And Plotting
• Configuring Output Devices
• Creating Plot Style Tables
• Using Plot Style Tables
• Plotting In Model Space
• Plotting In Layouts In Paper Space
• Exporting To An Electronic Format

3ds Max

• Understanding 3ds Max User Interface
• Understanding 3ds Max Modeling Concepts
• Understanding & Using 3ds Max Viewports
• Understanding 3ds Max Hierarchy Of Buttons & Shortcut Keys
• Viewing & Navigating Your 3ds Max Viewport Using Pan, Zoom & Orbit Tool

• Creating Basic 3d Shapes (Standard Primitives Like Box, Sphere & Cylinder)
• Understanding The 3ds Max Gizmo (Xaxis, Y-Axis & Z-Axis Indicator)

• Using The Move, Rotate & Scale Tool Correctly
• Copying 3d Objects Using 3ds Max Clone Function

• Changing 3ds Max Visual Styles From Shaded To Wireframe
• Using & Setting 3ds Max Object Snaps (Endpoint, Midpoint & Grid Point)

01.00-02.00: Rehat

• Changing 3ds Max Views Using Shortcut
• Basic 3ds Max Modeling Techniques

3ds Max

• Using The 3ds Max Auto Grid Function To Target 3d Surfaces
• Using 3ds Max Angle Snap, Align & Mirror Tool

• Using 3ds Max Layer Manager Tool
• Moving & Rotating In 3ds Max Accurately Using Offset Values

• Building A Simple 3d Stage
• Setting 3ds Max Materials Like Metallic Colors, Glass, Chrome, Steel, Wood Etc.

• Adding In Materials Into The Created 3ds Max Scene

01.00-02.00: Rehat

• Grouping & Ungrouping 3d Models
• Building A Simple 3d Bathroom With Materials Texture Rendering A Basic 3ds Max Scene Into An
Image Jpeg

3ds Max

Inserting V-Ray Lightings Into 3ds Max Scene (V-Ray Plane Light , V-Ray Sun &
V-Ray Ies)
• Changing Background Environment Of A 3ds Max Scene
• Inserting Basic Lightings Inside A 3ds Max Scene
• Setting Units Measurement In 3ds Max Like Mm Or Inches

• Using 3ds Max Modify Button To Change 3d Objects Parameter
• Changing 3d Object’s Color, Length, Width & Height Measurements
• Shaping 3d Models Using Editable Polygon Function (Vertex & Polygon)

• Moving Vertex To Shape A 3d Model
• Extruding Polygon To Shape A 3d Model
• Manipulating Vertex & Polygon To Further Shape A 3d Model
• Rotating Polygons To Shape 3d Models

• Using Advanced Material Mapping Techniques With Uvw Map Functions
• Saving Customized Materials As A Template As A Library (.Mat File)
• Mapping Materials On Multiple Sub Objects (Assign Material To Selection)
• Drawing Simple 2d Shapes Like Line, Arc, Circle, Ellipse & Text In 3ds Max
• Using 3ds Max Pro-Boolean Function

01.00-02.00: Rehat

• Building An Interior Design Structure Of A Building With Specific Measurements
• Importing Readymade 3ds Models Library (.3ds Files) Into 3ds Max Scene
• Creating Your 3ds Models Library Such As Sofa, Cabinet, Table, Kitchen & Etc
• Building An Interior Design Structure Using 3ds Max
• Inserting A Camera Inside A 3ds Max Scene
• Inserting & Positioning The 3ds Max Camera

3ds Max

• Changing The Default 3ds Max Renderer To Vray Renderer
• Setting & Customizing Vray Materials

• Inserting Vray Light Plane Inside The 3ds Max Scene
• Creating Vray Light Material Using Material Settings

• Constructing An Enclosed Interior Design With Vray Lightings
• Creating A Window Opening For The Interior Design

• Inserting Vray Sun Effects Into 3ds Max Scene (Sun Light From Window)
• Configuring The Vray Renderer Settings To Achieve Realistic Renderings

01.00-02.00: Rehat

• Vray Rendering Techniques For High Speed Renderings
•Vray Rendering Techniques With High Quality Renderings
• Importing 3ds Models Library (.3ds Files) Into 3ds Max File (.Max)
• Importing Autocad Drawings (.Dwg Files) Into 3ds Max File (.Max)

Tenaga Pengajar
Mohd Sazli Bin Mohd Daud

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Taman Wahyu, 68100 Kuala Lumpur,

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


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